Qobuz unlistenable sound

After the latest update (done today) Qobuz has become unlistenable. I am running Raspberry Pi 4, through iDac and into an iCan, Spotify sounds great as does Tidal, Qobuz worked before, but now is distorted, crackling, trebly, screechy mess and runs ‘slow’ at times. I’ve switched everything off and on, checked all the connections. Logged out and in, just don’t understand why only Qobuz sounds so bad, doesn’t matter if it’s 44/16 192/24, all sounds the same horrible mess. Any ideas?

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Do you have the FusionDSP plugin installed?

Can you provide log after the issue occurs?

The latest version has a new kernel, which might not play nicely with your USB DAC. Can you try to see if there is any firmware update?

Hi. Many thanks. I installed the FusionDSP, restarted and it all sounds great! Thank you.

Firmware is 3.569…