Qobuz Search and Play Problem

The search returns for certain artists are different on the Qobuz web app and the Volumio plug-in. For example, in Volumio, when I search for the artist, Pink Floyd, and view their albums, the list returned is different from the Qobuz app. These albums will not play on Volumio. When I attempt to play a song from one of these albums, I receive the notification that the song has begun playing, but nothing happens.

Can you please send us logs so we can see what happes and fix it?
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

I sent the log.

I reproduced the problem before sending. I searched for “pink floyd,” clicked on the Qobuz artist and tried to play the Meddle album. It wouldn’t play. I then went to Qobuz Favorite Albums, located a Wilko Johnson album which I know isn’t listed in a Wilko Johnson search via the app, clicked on it and received some sort of null symbol. Then I sent the log. Here is the link if it is helpful to have it here too: logs.volumio.org/volumio/fziAL31.html

If you need me to copy & paste here, can do that too.

In addition - it may be related - when I click on the “three dot” selector of an album that is new to me, there is a “Remove from favourites” option, but no “Add to favourites.” This is true for all albums, even those that have not been “favourited.”

I like Volumio, love Qobuz, and would be excited to work through this issue. Thanks!

I’ve the same problem but there seems not to be any solutions for this. I can’t play almost anything so volumio is useless for me :frowning:

I do have the same issue as well. On top of that, for my favourite albums of Qobuz, I see them thru Volumio, but upon opening the album, the list of tracks is empty. The only Qobuz content that works, is Qobuz favourites and new release… So it provides very limited options to play anything from Qobuz.

I heard that a new version of qobuz and tidal is ongoing, maybe one of op should give us more detail

@volumio Same Qobuz Problems here (and it appears that these are known since years…) i.e. with Pink Floyd The Division Bell and other Pink Floyd Albums as well. Volumio Vers. 2.834 does not play them. Why?
Not possible to store Albums as Fav.
Please advise!