Qobuz plugin NOT working at all

I have an image of Volumio which does not include MyVolumio, so I needed to install the Qobuz plugin manually, but it does not work. I have installed it from here github.com/volumio/volumio-plug … ic_service, it’s installed on my device but none of the playlists, discover, etc work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Doesn’t work for me either. I suspect that plugin has not been kept up to date with API changes at Qobuz’s end that occurred in October. (Last update to that plugin is 2 months ago)

I assume you’re on a device that only gets occasional community builds that can’t currently update to the latest version with MyVolumio support ? I was in the same situation with a Cubox-i and ended up buying a Raspberry Pi 4 so I can run up to date versions and use MyVolumio for Qobuz support.

You don’t have to install anything to use qobuz. Just install last version of Volumio. Once you are in the webui, login myvolumio. Go in ‘sources’ section and enter your credentials for Qobuz. Now you should see Qobuz in the browse tab.
You must have a Virtuoso or superstar account of myvolumio.

This is exactly right… I’m running a custom build for Khadas VIM2 SBC (no MyVolumio support). It’s much nicer than my RPi 3 B+, and I didn’t want another Pi… so instead of buying the RPi 4 I stuck it out with this board. The word on the street is Volumio team is working on a kernel 4.9 build for my VIM2 (and also VIM3) board at the end of next month. I was hoping to get this plugin to work… but it looks like I will have to wait.

The QOBUZ plugin you refer to did never work (and in fact, this was the reason we started MyVolumio…). Regarding MyVolumio on Khadas VIM, we integrate myvolumio only on ufficial builds, so sorry but you’re out of luck with “community supported” builds…

If it’s the case that MyVolumio will never be supported on Community builds, can you please update your website to no longer list devices like the Cubox-i on the MyVolumio overview page:


“Runs on Raspberry PI, UDOO, Cubox-i, Odroid, PC, Mac and a variety of other small devices”

This is very misleading and confusing - even as a user of Volumio for over two years I could not find a straight answer anywhere on the website or forum about whether there was some way to get MyVolumio working now or in the future on my Cubox-i, and apparently the answer is no.

I ended up buying a Pi 4 instead specifically to be able to use MyVolumio but it would have been nice to know from the beginning that it was never going to be available on the Cubox-i and that I was wasting my time trying.

An accurate list of hardware which does actually support MyVolumio on the overview page would be great.

From what I understand and read on the Khadas VIM forum you are working on a build for VIM2/VIM3 which will include myVolumio.

When can we expect a build of Volumio (with myVolumio) for these devices to be released?

Volumio SHOULD operate as Audirvana + does. One signs into Qobuz through Audirvana +. After login, the user can view albums and listen to them . HOWEVER, in order to purchase the album or track, the Qobuz app must be used. The music cannot be purchased in Audirvana+.