QOBUZ Not working (almost always)

I’m testing the Virtuoso features and QOBUZ before decided to subscribe both or not.
QOBUZ working perfectly on the same network with the app on Android or with the broswer on PC but, almost always, is not worknig with Volumio 2.917 on a PI4 I can browse and search in the Qobuz catalog but when I try to play a song a red error appear on right:
Failed to decode http://streaming-std.qobuz.com:80/file?.…; CURL failed: Resolving timed out after 10009 milliseconds
After 2 days of faliure today it works for about 20 minutes then stop again.
I had a litle more luck with the beta 3 on a x86 virtual box but also here often get the same error.
Already tested wired and WiFi connection, no changes.
Read all the topics and didn’t find similar issues.

Did you fix it?
Iam getting exact problem