QOBUZ Lost connection

For some weeks Volumio has been losing connection to QOBUZ at every reboot.
Often after a connection attempt from settings, sources does not connect.
Volumio version 3.449 on Raspberry PI4. Subscription are active on both Volumio and QOBUZ.
Thank You.

@DED can you help him with this.


Here Davide from Volumio tech support
Please to help you!

A support email has just been sent to your address, please follow up on that for further help

Thank you!

I have a similar issue, except that for me, Qobuz connect died after upgrading to v 3.512. Also RPI. Also paid up.


Please get in touch with our support, @DED will help you out :wink:

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I did. Jira ticket is time stamped 3:38 pm on Saturday.



I was just answering now
Please follow up the conversation on the ticket



I have the same problem…
After upgrading my Raspberry Pi version of Volumio some time back (as per this topic), I have to re-login to Volumio after every couple of power offs; in order to restore my Qobuz connection. Very annoying.

This used to not be a problem… Why is the resolution hidden behind a ‘support wall’?
Also I have a ‘virtuoso’ plan. When I go to Volumio Support, I only see support for ‘Premium’? WTF.


it’s not a common issue, this is the reason
it’s not a matter of hidden resolution at all
we only need to investigate further on your specific case

Please send an email to support at volumio dot org with details and the log link saved when the issue happens
How to send a log link for a bug report? (volumio.com)

There’s the Virtuoso selection within the tech ticket form

at your disposal

To complete this thread (at least for my problem, as per above)…

A more specific description of the problem was that after a couple of power off/on cycles (morning to night x 2, or X hours?), Volumio was losing my Qobuz connection. This issue was ‘evidenced’ under Settings/Sources then the section ‘MyVolumio Streaming Services’ where it presented a ‘Start Free Trial’ button, even though on the Left Hand Panel, Volumio showed my Subscription Status as ‘Virtusio’. (That is, that streaming service is part of the Virtusio package. And there was no Qobuz Login/Logout button as there should have been (for Virtusio).)

After contact with Davide from Volumio, I was requested to wait a couple of days then upgrade to the next Volumio release (v3.569).

Now, almost a week has past since the upgrade and the problem has not resurfaced.
So I would call it ‘good’.

Thanks to Davide for his assistance.

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