Qobuz logo disappears from playback interface

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.883
Hardware: raspberry pi 4
DAC: audiophonics ess 9038

When you play a song from Qobuz, the little logo pops up when the song starts but immediately disappears from the playback screen.

I have two versions of Volumio, one on pi 4 and another on the 3b+, and the bug persists on both.

Note that every other type of file continues to appear including Tidal, Flac, mp4 etc and the songs themselves load and play properly.

Here is a pic of playback screen without logo: Notice under the time the logo is missing


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Given that your original post is 16h old, and I’ve not seen any other posts with a similar issue, it might be worth reflashing on a different sd card (clutching at straws, but it amazing how many problems it solves :wink: ). As a non-Qobuz/Apple user, could you just explain what the little logo is, and is the “playbook” an Apple product? As much info as possible makes problem solving easier … we all know what our system is, but does the reader of this topic?

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Thanks I have update the original post with picture and edits. By playbook I meant play back screen.

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I have the same issue. At the beginning of every track, the correct bitrate and freq. is showing up, afterwards it shows either 24bit/96khz for hires tracks and 16bit/44.1 khz for cd flac.
This problem is only for qobuz.

Maybe qobuz updated something which misleads the volumio software?

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Same issue in both releases: 2.x and Buster.