Qobuz integration

The qobuz integration is terrible. The order of album from artist is a big mess. Tidal integration is much better. It is more orderly than qobuz.

Compare with the Qobuz native app. The order of album in the Qobuz app has two sort choices, “Sort by release date” and “Sort by relevance”. It looks like Volumio is getting “Sort by relevance” from Qobuz. I have no idea what “Sort by relevance” means.

I want artist sort A/Z like in Tidal. And when I browse the album latest to oldest.

Volumio is displaying the list in the default sort order of the streaming service. Tidal’s default order matches your preference and Qobuz’s default order does not. Ideally, Volumio would provide a sort option like the BubbleUPnP app on Android. If you have Android, you can try the BubbleUPnP app as a frontend. Volumio supports UPnP/DLNA. On BubbleUPnP you can select your Volumio device as the renderer.