Qobuz in Volumio

I stream Qobuz through myvolumio to an alloDigione and get great sound. But (you knew that was coming) the interface is not as friendly as the Qobuz desktop UI. Four questions/pleas for solutions:

  1. Searching. On the Qobuz desktop I do a search for, example, “vivaldi” and get back three panes - one of artists, one of albums and one of tracks. Each can be expanded by clicking “See all releases”. What I am most interested on is seeing only the albums. In MyVolumio I get the same three sections but I cannot expand any and the number of found albums is always very limited compared to what is returned on the desktop UI. It is very difficult to find things without a very specific search and mostly I do general searches. With the specific search “vivaldi” I get back 10 choices in the qobuz albums section. On the Qobuz desktop UI I get hundreds!
    And sometimes a search brings up a large selection of Web Radio results that I do not want and it can take an age to scroll down on a slow tablet.

  2. Related to the above. If click on an album after a search but decide I don’t want to listen to it, If I have an unsuccessful search I would like a back button to take me back to the last search where I can select a different album. If I hit the back button, next to home, mostly it just disappears and nothing happens so I have to conduct the search all over again. And, if I go back to the search box, place the cursor at the end of the previous search string and hit enter nothing happens, I have to change the text in search string to get another response.

  3. If I play an individual track on an album I would like the album to continue playing the following tracks. This does not happen. Only by pressing play for the entire album will tracks progress, so I have to start there and fast forward through tracks to where I want to start listening.

  4. My DAC only works up to 96kHz. Some Qobuz albums are in 192kHz. On the desktop UI I can set the maximum resolution from Qobuz to be 96kHz in the tool bar on the bottom. How can I do that through MyVolumio? At present I cannot play those 192kHz albums.

Thank you in advance

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