Qobuz in Volumio questions/help

I stream Qobuz through myvolumio to an alloDigione and get great sound. But (you knew that was coming) the interface is not as friendly as the Qobuz desktop UI. Four questions/pleas for solutions:

  1. Searching. On the Qobuz desktop I do a search for, example, “vivaldi” and get back three panes - one of artists, one of albums and one of tracks. Each can be expanded by clicking “See all releases”. What I am most interested on is seeing only the albums. In MyVolumio I get the same three sections but I cannot expand any and the number of found albums is always very limited compared to what is returned on the desktop UI. It is very difficult to find things without a very specific search and mostly I do general searches. With the specific search “vivaldi” I get back 10 choices in the qobuz albums section. On the Qobuz desktop UI I get hundreds!
    And sometimes a search brings up a large selection of Web Radio results that I do not want and it can take an age to scroll down on a slow tablet.

  2. Related to the above. If click on an album after a search but decide I don’t want to listen to it and go back to the search results I would like the back button to take me back to the last search where I can select a different album. If I hit the back button, next to home, mostly it just disappears and nothing happens so I have to conduct the search all over again. And, if I go back to the search box, place the cursor at the end of the previous search string and hit enter nothing happens, I have to change the text in search string to get another response.

  3. If I play an individual track on an album I would like the album to continue playing the following tracks. This does not happen. Only by pressing play for the entire album will tracks progress, so I have to start there and fast forward through tracks to where I want to start listening.

  4. My DAC only works up to 96kHz. Some Qobuz albums are in 192kHz. On the Qobuz desktop UI I can set the maximum resolution to be 96kHz in the tool bar on the bottom. How can I do that through MyVolumio? At present I cannot play those 192kHz albums.
    Thank you in advance

Well, after a fine listening session this evening I perused settings and found some I must of glossed over previously.
Under Sources there is a setting to increase the number of search results so now I can get 50, or more. Slight downside is that I will now get a list of 50 artists before the display of 50 albums that I really want - but I can handle that. The ideal case is to have the choice to expand each list like the Qobuz desktop so I can have a short list of artists and the full set if album results. I also found the button to turn off web radio results. Things are looking up. That answers my first query but there are still three to go. Come on Volumio forum, do me proud here, please.

TiA 13DoW