Qobuz GUI optimizations

Is it possible to integrate the Qobuz native app into Volumio or at least the same selection options. Such as Discover, New Releases, Selected for You, Playlist Categories, Qubuzissme, Most Listened Albums, Albums of the Week, etc.

Even if you are looking for an artist, I would like to see the year of publication in the findings.

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I am assuming you have seen this which includes most of what you are asking for:


Yes I 've seen it :grin:But there are some points missing from the Qobuz app that I really miss. Iā€™m currently looking for something interesting from the Qobuz app and adding it to my favorites, which I then see in Volumio. As I said, menu items such as search by category (Classic, Jazz, World music,ā€¦) albums of the week, most listened to albums, etc. I would like to avoid having to switch between the apps. I would also like to see the release date for the albums.

Apart from that, I am very enthusiastic about Volumio and my Rivo.


Agree, and what I would really like to see is teh ability to sort albums by Artist, and just sorting in general.