Qobuz gone after upgrade to version 3.251


I upgraded this morning my Volumio Primo to version 3.251. However, Qobuz is gone and the connectivity plugin is nowhere to be seen. It should be visible under ‘sources’ I assume.

Does anyone have the same problem with this new update ?

Many thanks !

Are you logged in Myvolumio? Is your device activated in Myvolumio?

It is fixed ! A restart of the device brought Qobuz back.

I am having a similar problem - I can see QOBUZ but I have to login everytime I restart Volumio

yes you are right… A restart brings Qobuz back but I have to login again.


Weird, all servers are up and running. Have same issue here. It was fine yesterday. (no Primo BTW)
V3.251, rPi4 rev 1.4


Thanks for reporting. We are checking as we speak.

I do not know if this issue is related, but after upgrading from 3.233 to 3.251, Tidal connect does not work.
I still can activate Tidal (source) from the Volumio UI, but I cannot see the Volumio option from the Tidal UI. Spotify connect is OK.

Please advice.

It was a temporary glitch on the Cloud infrastructure, given to a database misconfiguration.

Just reboot your device and it will just work.

Yep, Qobuz is back!!


I would try the same reboot. Guess it’s related to the same.

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Working for me now after reboot. Many thanks

Volumio team, thanks a lot for your support !!

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