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I’ve mentioned this in the Help topic but not had a response yet. It’s the only significant problem I have with the programme.

Qobuz under MyVolumio doesn’t appear to offer the option to filter by Genre. This seriously limits its usefulness when looking for new releases in areas I like.

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Hi Alan, thanks for the feedback. We will add such possibility in a future update

As me i think that all virtuoso users, use tidal or Qobuz, then you should improve the features about this two services.

And as I suggest in other post, improve manage of playlists, and correct some bugs, as example , the impossibility of delete its

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Do you have this in your plans yet?



I’ve just reactivated my Virtuoso subscription and I’m surprised and disappointed that this has still not been addressed six months later.

Do you have any plans to look at this in the near future?

Any update on the plans to add Genre in Qobuz? With Volumio 3?