Qobuz favorite artist list started failing

Anytime I go to list my favorite artists in Qobuz it errors out right away. Anyone else seeing this I’m on the latest firmware.

Yes, same thing here!

Version 3.574
RPI 3b+ based streamer
I2s dac

Will send a log if needed

Same thing here on 3.569. All other favourites works, so maybe something on the Qobuz API side?

Seems only affecting in combination with Volumio.
Volumio V3.569 errors out, doing the same on LMS, my favorites => artists just loads…

Thanks for reporting! We are on it

Fixed. No need to reboot or do anything, it will just work now.

What happened: QOBUZ somehow changed how they report when the artist art of an artist is missing, and our API was failing the typecheck (sometimes I really hate typescript… why should we bother if null is !== undefined?)


Thanks for looking into this on such ridiculous time :grinning:

Thanks for the rapid and painless fix.