Qobuz does not load any more


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.252
Hardware: Odroid N2
DAC: Neukomm CDA126S with XMOS USB card

Debug Log

Sending log never completes, stuck at “Sending log report, please wait”

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use Volumio for several days, incl streaming from qobuz
  2. After some usage, launching qobuz from the browse page will fail
  3. Going back to home and clicking the browse button will not open the browse page
  4. Rebooting the Odroid N2 gets things back to normal again
  5. However after the reboot my UPnP media servers are not visible. I then need to turn off and on DLNA browsing to get my UPnP media servers back
  6. Repeat 1-5 ad lib

Additional Information

This is what the screen looks like if I try to load qobuz from the browse page

Now I am seeing the following:
Once again Qobuz does not load from the Browse page (see blank screen in by original post above). However I am able to stream the last Qobuz track in the queue. The next track in the queue does not play any more.
This would indicate that the network connection to Qobuz is working correctly (a colleague had suspected a network issue). The issue seems to be with the Volumio Qobuz client.

After a restart of Odroid N2 I am getting the following screen

Volumio is loading the information from Qobuz and the queue is playing.
Clicking the browse button at the bottom right gives the blank screen from the original post.

Disabling Qobuz in Sources and logging back in seems to restore things back to normal. I am not getting the browse screen when I click the browse button.

After logging out and back into Qobuz, I am able to generate a log

It seems like the Qobuz client is losing the Qobuz authorization after some time.