Qobuz connect in Volumio Sources returns "You Are Successfully Logged In"

Good morning!

I’ve been using Volumio happily with a RPi 4/HifiBerry DAC/ADC to play from a USB drive via the Volumio app on my Android phone. I’ve successfully signed up for MyVolumio and Qobuz. When I go to Sources on the Volumio app, it shows me the Qobuz login, and when I do so, I receive a screen (a Qobuz graphic, I assume) that flashes up “You are sucessfully signed into Qobuz, you can leave this page”, and it returns me to the Volumio app. I can’t find any indication that Volumio is indeed connected to Qobuz. I signed up for both MyVolumio and Qobuz via my phone, if that makes a difference. MyVolumio recognizes me.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious? Any and all help appreciated.

Now you go to playback options and activate Qobuz, and it will now show up in your menu.

Thanks very much for responding. I see no way of activating Qobuz under playback options - the only place I see to activate it is under Sources in the original scenario above.

Under sources scroll all the way down to source visability and be sure Qobuz is on. If it is and you still don’t see it reboot the Pi and it will appear.

Thank you to everyone who responded to me. I had tried singing out, rebooting, and signing back in again in various combinations to no avail. My version of Volumio was originally etched three or four months ago, tops, but I updated Volumio, and in one of the sign out/ reboot cycles it found Qobuz right away.

I really appreciate the time taken for the responses.