Qobuz authorization error


I install Volumio 3.179 in my Pi3B. All is OK except the Qobuz because is impossible connect with this.
Every time i receipt a “500 Internal Server Error” in the authorization process. Some tip?


Hi @volumio, please help me with this disgusting issue.
I´m using Volumio at some days but not was possible a complete experience because is impossible authorize my Qobuz account in the Volumio.

In the URL called by Volumio: “Qobuz - Sign up / Log in - Unlimited streaming and Hi-Res download store.” I always get a error page “500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR”.

I think this is a Qobuz service error but how could I fix this?


Hi Luciano,
I am signalling this to our support specialist, he will be in touch with you and solve your issue.

Thank you my friend.

Hi Luciano!
Davide from tech support

Please write me an email to techsupport at volumio dot org
with infos and details
I’ll come back to you asap



Hi Davide,

I´m very happy with the Volumio Team support but I decided to no carry on with this issue because I’m using now the Saiyato´s LMS integration plugin and very happy with the SQ of Volumio 3 and LMS server.

Volumio and LMS are fantastics products. Please, considerer Volumio native suporte for LMS :blush: