QNAP NAS and Volumio

Hi, I would like to use my Qnap NAS 451+ with Volumio. I wish to use an Android Tablet as the control interface for Volumio…
I have installed the Volumio Control onto the Tablet OK, however I do not know how to gain access to the NAS from Volumio Control.

Is there any software needed on the NAS to enable Volumio to work?

There does not seem to be anything available from the Qnap App Store. I am starting to think that it is not possible to run Volumio on the NAS?
I really like the Volumio interface and would like to get the system running as my music player via my NAS-DAC-Amplifier setup.

Thanks for any help with this problem.

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You need to create a shared folder in the NAS if do not already have a suitable folder on the NAS.
The folder needs to be at least readable to ‘Every One’. Control Panel > Privilege > Shared Folder
In Volumio add the folder as a source: Settings > Sources > Add New Drive:
Alias - A short name for the qnap folder
NAS IP Address - e.g.
Path - Shared folder name
File Share Share Type - cifs

Thanks for the rely,
I cant seem to get to “In Volumio add the folder as a source: Settings > Sources > Add New Drive:”
when the app starts up on my Android Tablet all it does is search for the IP address of Volumios
I think I must have a block in my settings stopping access to the IP address? dont know where to look!?

And do you need “volumio Core software” installed on the NAS? …like Roon does?

What should be simple trips everybody up, including me. Volumio relies on MS, Apple, Android and the Linux foundation doing the right thing; surprise, surprise they do not.

Use a browser on a PC or MAC just to get the basics working.
Try volumio.local instead of the IP address.
If still no luck, log into your internet router and see if you can find the address of the pi.
If you do find it, write it down. Again if you find it in the router you might have an option to turn it into a static IP address so it always gets assigned the same address.
You can alternatively setup a fixed IP address but first you have to login via the browser.

Thanks for your help

But, I’m thoroughly confused!
I will go back to the installs and try and determine what to install on what etc. etc

I guess my question is: will this work on the Qnap Nas as Storage, using a Android Tablet as control?
And how and what Software do I need to load onto the NAS to get it working?
I feel like i am a real NOOB here!

There doesn’t seem to be a download “platform” suitable for the QNap Nas

Sorry back to basics. You have a device where you have installed Volumio. A RPI or an X86 computer, we will call that Volumio.
You need to control Volumio. That is usually a browser on your phone or PC or it could be a dedicated app. So step one, the app/browser needs to be able to talk to Volumio. Have you got that far? Can you talk to Volumio? We can discuss the NAS once you have solved that problem.

Thanks for your patience.
My problem is i an not installing Volumio onto a Pi or PC or Mac …I would like to use a Qnap Nas 451+ instead. ie I would like to use the Nas as storage and use the audio out of the Nas to feed into my DAC

Understood. I’ve installed it a few times on RPi4s. Using the NAS as a place to store your music files is one thing but, running it on the NAS. I’m not so sure.

Yes I think i am trying to do something that cant be done!

Thanks for your help, I have been trying for days to try and get this to work,
I think i will leave it for now and play my CDs and save up for a Pi

Welcome to Volumio & it’s Community, Bruce. :slight_smile:

Volumio is not a standalone piece of software that can be run on any OS; it is an OS distribution in it’s own right. You install the image on a device of your choice … RPi, x86, Asus Tinkerboard, and control the UI from a browser (on mobile, tablet etc.). It cannot be installed on a NAS (alongside the NAS OS), but it can access audio files stored on the NAS in a shared folder.

I hope this clears things up. :wink:

Have a read of the Quick Start Guide …

Volumio Control is an app in beta status that does not have all the functionality yet, you should use the official app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=volumio.browser.Volumio or the web intrece via the browser.

no, you don’t; I have this setup - rpi volumio installation, reads the files from a network location, in a shared folder, on the qnap nas; as long as the rpi volumio can ping the nas ip and the music files are sitting in a shared folder, then all you have to do is add that folder in the settings/sources menu on the rpi volumio and the qnap music library is used by the rpi volumio