Push audio input to pi throughout house w volumio -possible?

Would it be possible to take audio input to a raspberry pi running volumio and then stream it throughout the house to other pi/amplifier/speaker setups?

Getting the audio input via a USB soundcard like this element14.com/community/comm … wolfson_pi.

Currently I have a google chromecast connected to a hdmi switch (like this one monoprice.com/Product?c_id=1 … 1&format=2) then running to my stereo/TV. I could run another output from the switch to the raspberry pi to the s/pdif input on the soundcard. If I could then stream this output to other speakers with volumio I could use chromecast to play google all access music throughout the house, which otherwise is not possible with volumio.

Not having any experience with this I don’t know if this a reasonable goal.

Is there a better way to set this up?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I found someone that was able to take audio input via ADC to the raspberry pi and turn it into a live icecast stream. Looks like people in the comments have used it with CD players, stereos, etc without issue:

t3node.com/blog/live-streami … pberry-pi/

I guess if volumio supported shoutcast/icecast then I’d have my answer on whether I’d be able to do this…

So I guess no one knows if volumio supports shoutcast/icecast?

It says web radio so I had reason to believe it might support adding shoutcast streams, however in the request a feature forum someone requested shoutcast support…

Can anyone help me here?

I think you’ve posted this in the wrong section which is why nobody has answered. I would post this in the Help section: help.html