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hello | I hope you can give me some advice, I wanted to take me to the Raspberry Pie to build me a desktop Hi-Fi system without using the Windows PC I’m currently using. Pcm5102, self-built Dayton bass reflex speakers. My question would be this: Can I leave the chain and pair it with the Raspberry ho should I replace something (the doubt is on the Dac that I felt was not compatible with the raspberry).
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My setup is a Sparky with Volumio, USB to DAC, to power amp and speakers. Volumio recognizes my DAC and hardware control of volume - no PC involved as the music is all on 500G usb drive direct to ALLO USBridge ( Sparky SBC)

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Presumably that is a USB DAC that you are using, so you can just connect it to the RPi instead of the PC.