Publics volumio2 status via mqtt

Hi propose

I new to this forum and I have been using volumio2 for a year or so now.

I would like to program some volumio2 control via mqtt with node red.
Is there any known way to publish volumio2 status to mqtt or is there any hook place to look for to add this feature ?


Very interesting, I’ve also been thinking on it.

The way to do it is:

let me know


Tank you for the reply. If I understand you correctly the good way to do it is via a plugin.

I will investigate this asap.

The requirement is to provide the volumio2 player status through mqtt (simple mqtt we can add tls later) .
Statuses : play | stop

We need to allow to config mqtt connect user/pwd/broker/topic
And to publish to the correct topic at status change.( on play or on stop)

That’s all folks!
I will try something and get back to you.

I will need to know where to look for status change to observe it.


I’m looking into the same thing almost. I am using the REST API for Volumio with Node-Red and that works great. However, it doesn’t seem to support ‘seek’. getState gives back the position the song was in but there is no other API to resume from that position. I was trying to get the websocket API to work with Node-Red that handles seek, but cannot seem to understand how to make it work. MQTT would also work if it exposes the full set of functionality like websockets does and not the limited set the REST API has.