I’m looking to building a Raspberry Pi B+ player in a Aluminum dac Enclosure

Case … 5d41854984

My biggest problem is going to be a power supply as my knowledge in this area is poor, so is this PSU any good? … logger=126

Keep in mind that volumio works not really good with RaspB+ at the moment!

Yes I know but it will be a few weeks before a start to build, I am just looking at all the parts required and the power is bigger problem.

£40.90 ??

You can take a smartphone charger, 5V - 1A or more (raspberry will work with 1A but you will need a powered usb hub if you connect a hdd) and you can connect directly to your raspberry (except apple chargers)

The PSU problem is overrated. Take any PSU and change it if you are not satisfied. Basically anything else except the cables will have a bigger impact on the final sound.