PSU for raspberry 3 ?

I just ordered my
DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M
And I’m reading about raspberry and the need for a better PSU.
Looking around I ended up finding 15W DC 5V 2.5A Talema 25VA Dual USB
ebay link:
Price is reasonable but I can’t find any review on the product.
Any idea?

Which product do you refer to? Maybe share a link :slight_smile:

Ok, I added an eaby link.
What I like of the psu is the double USB + the regualr exit.

What about quality and sound improvement?

thanks a lot

Looks nice. Some good components. Multiple outputs seems a nice feature but at 2.5A max, you should not connect anythings else other than your Pi.

It look a bit like the ones sold by Audiophonics.

In general, a good lineair PS improves sound quality, but you always have to listen for yourself.

Given the price, it is probably a relatively cheap way to upgrade your PS from a standard switching mode PS.

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I used a bigger p/s with dc sockets about £100 from ebay. Soldered good quality cable from the board (IIRC pins 1 and 7) to a dc plug, bypassing the horrible micro usb connector, and improved the sound no end.

(BTW, did the same for my new asus tinkerboard s and sounds great.)

WoW that goes beyond my DIY capabilities.
Any link on the PSU?





get something that you can just crimp on to the gpio pins, if you can’t solder. It just has to be better than the micro usb connector, basically anything will be better.

BTW just checked the gpio pins and I used pins 2 and 14