[Proposal] Localized forum sections

This post here gave me an idea:

For non-italians: why don’t we have italian section?

And therefore, why not a french, german etc?

What do you guys think?

My idea is, let’s have a section for each language, but there must be at least one moderator willing to moderate it before it gets opened

Let me know

Italian: burghy

for the Italian section I can help in moderation

why the official site are only english?

Because we can reach the most people possible, managing a localized website is too much for our resources

Y en español???

Claro! If you propose yourself as moderator

I think this is a good idea because people, of course, prefer to communicate in their native language, and that is fair enough. My only concern is that useful information/help/issues may be missed and are not available for searching. Could the localised section mods be responsible for ensuring that important posts are flagged up or reposted in the English section?

That’s also my concern, and I agree that such mods should take care of reposting useful info

Even if I have a doubt of how info will be treated between different languages, of course I’m here for the French version.
I was wondering if something like a integrated (provide by a Google or other) translater a option rather than splitting all the knowledges.

I’m afraid that I think this is not so good an idea from a practical viewpoint. I agree wholeheartedly that everyone prefers to communicate in their native language, and that’s the problem I see. Where do you stop? The individual sections can become unused and then die,or develop their own personalities to split away from the parent, or divert attention from the main area of the product. I look after an IT function for an American multinational across EMEA and APac, and that’s about 110 countries. We don’t split our attention by localising stuff, else we’d never get anything done, including catching up with each locale’s changes. I see much scope for losing focus this way…

Chris M


my 2 cents: I can see and understand the desire of communicating in my native language. Nevertheless I think english is the language that most of the users here can understand. No one will be blamed for bad spelling or grammar. So anyone should be able to ask for help in english. In fact I fear that moderators here will be overstrained beeing responsible for moderating and translating and reposting “relevant information” - that is a very subjective perspective anyway. What is relevant for one is completely boring for another…

If a translating engine should be considered to be inserted in the workflow then let’s probably think about translating the incoming text from whatever into english. That would keep the forum in one language and make searching much easier.


A mi me lo dices? Puedo moderar con tu ayuda en casos “críticos”.

Obviously there is a split in wanting a coherent and consistent point of information for all, and a desire for own language support. Could this be achieved by making ‘Vox Populi’ (or a totally new section) language specific?