Proper websocket configuration

Hello! Couldn’t find in the official docs how to find a websocket port to connect to Volumio server.

Using the following code in Rust which fails to connect:

use rust_socketio::{ClientBuilder, Payload, RawClient};
use serde_json::json;
use std::time::Duration;

fn main() {
    let callback = |payload: Payload, socket: RawClient| {
        match payload {
            Payload::String(str) => println!("Received: {}", str),
            Payload::Binary(bin_data) => println!("Received bytes: {:#?}", bin_data),

    // Connect to the server
    let socket = ClientBuilder::new("")
        .on("message", callback)
        .expect("Connection failed");

    // Emit a "shutdown" command to the server
    let message = json!({"namespace": "system", "method": "shutdown"});
    socket.emit("shutdown", message).expect("Server unreachable");

    println!("Shutdown command sent. Waiting for a response.");

    // Wait for a short period to receive messages

    socket.disconnect().expect("Disconnect failed");