Project with PeppyMeter/PeppySpectrum Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO

Darn those look good :slight_smile:

Yeah! All thanks to you and Grezgorz for the hard work. Deeply appreciated.

Is there a way now we can use remote to operate Volumio on a Raspberry Pi ? Has it officially been introduced as a plugin ?

you could always use triggerhappy but it’s more the question with what do you want to controle it.

yes. there is a plugin, supporting basic functions.

Hi, with volumio3 i dont have the path you mention. mine is /data/plugins/user_interface/peppyMeter/ i tried to creating a custom_1 dir and wget the 3 files there. uncompressed the files but its not listed in the plugin meter scolldown menu.
Also trying to create the same /data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_1 path it dosnt work for me. any hints ?

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as i wrote doesnt work , i can only see the standard included templates in the plugin


he’s using the wrong path what i see wheaten :stuck_out_tongue:

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This happens when people start to hobby, with wrong instructions.
Please remove everything and follow the instructions in this topic, post 7.
Install the plugin.

ok, following post 7 im already stuck at the second step after the git clone with
volumio@volumio:~$ pushd Install_Peppymeter
-bash: pushd: Install_Peppymeter: No such file or directory

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Wrong link, my bad.
You need this one

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Ok thanks , now installation is working. take a lot of tmie and seems stuck at finalising… i wait…

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Done. Thank you.

Hi guys,
Grab another :beers: :beer: sit back, relax and enjoy :sunglasses: :headphones: [1920 x 1080] stunning screensavers

Something has happened as a result of efforts, next will be the rotary encoder and box stages


Peppymeter overlay now playing sizing / location
Hello, I’m running Now Playing and Peppymeter. What is like about the now playing is the weather at the top of the screen and the 7 day forecast when nothing is playing. My issue is that I really like vue meters also. I really like some of the peppymeter skins but I am not wild about the fake dials, manufacturers, etc. I would like to relocate the Peppymeter from the upper left to some of the open space available in the mid right area. How would I go about that?

Just came back from Thailand and had my friend make me an enclosure for a 7.9" waveshare touch screen (1280x400). Everything works as expected. However, the screen is a bit too bright in my room especially at night. Is there a script that I can adjust the brightness?

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I’ve asked the same question here before…something wrong with the touchscreen plugin.

maybe use the buttons, although this does little or nothing.

Thank you. I’ll try that.