Project with PeppyMeter/PeppySpectrum Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO

Hi. I guess I do everything according to your description? But point 5 bothers me. I don’t know what to do there? Need to install the ALSA plugin? Where to get this plugin and peppyMeter plugin 1.3.5? only found version 1.3.0. Peppy plugin installed in the directory I have the appropriate pointers thrown in - but nothing is displayed!

I only know version peppy meter 1.3.0 version 1.3.5 I don’t know where you can get it from.
that nothing is displayed probably has to do with your used display.

otherwise ask @2aCD or maybe someone here on the forum knows the solution.

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ONLY the indicators are not displayed (the rest of the interface does). Someone on FB made a project based on the same 1280x400 display and gave peppyMeter v1.3.5 there? Does there have to be an ALSA plug to work properly? What values should I set in DisplayTouch and PeppyMeter?

maybe ask him where you can download it, I have and in any case don’t know where to get it from.

I only know this version.

Is there ANYONE who can help and describe from the beginning what and how to set PeppyMeter to work? I downloaded and installed the PeppyMeter plugin and Touch display. Both plugs are included on the raspberry. And what’s next? How to set it up so that the indicators appear? I am a beginner in the subject of raspberries, but your help is indispensable. E.g: what times to set in screensaver timeout? Etc.
When in the plugin settings I change to ALSA … I get a message that there is no ALSA or such directory does not exist?

In the end you want to update… and will encounter this…

Enter what is your configuration. How do you connect the sound? HDMI or some HAT / DAC / Sound card?

HDMI display and USB DAC topping.

Output Device - YOUR DAC
and Peppymeter

Settings changed as in the photos from you. Peppy’s not showing up. I loaded the system again. Screen plugins and peppyMeter loaded all over again. Settings as per your description and no peppyMeter display? I do not know what’s going on?

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Do you have any volumio image on your monitor?
Have you set the correct resolution for your monitor?
If you set it like mine - peppy should appear after 10 seconds

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Yes, the resolution of 1280x400 and this is the size I choose in peppy! Yes, I have the entire interface on the screen - except for the PEPPYMETER plug-in?

Honestly, a strange case. Set it up:


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Now playing plugin (if you don’t have, skip)
I have no ideas anymore. The only thing that remains: Peppymeyer plugin installed incorrectly

Last question: what do you have volumio installed on?

rp4b 4GB

Everything should work fine. In your place on the new SD card, I would do a fresh install.

The system set up anew, on a new card. First, the Touch display plug-in was uploaded. Later uploaded without error - peppymeter. Settings as in the photos. No display of VU indicators. ???
I did everything like in this video Volumio with PeppyMeter PlugIn Installation Guide - YouTube and peppyMeter is not working. I already lack ideas and strength.

This is a really strange phenomenon. Do you have “WIDE” and a skin (PeppyMeter) set? IT MUST WORK! Maybe try to connect another monitor (e.g. TV). Insert on the forum as .ZIP file meters.txt from WIDE resolution (yours). Maybe you need to modify the userconfig or config.txt file? Provide a link to your monitor.

I reinstalled the system. On another hickey and another 1280x600 display, Peppy Meter appeared. !!! Now I clean my raspberry to 0 and play Volumio again. If Peppy doesn’t start on my 1280x400 display, does it mean the fault is on the display side?