Project Streambox S2 Ultra DSD dac Support

I have 2 dacs, Nuprime Dac 10H and Hegel H590 internal dac where DSD capabilities are not recognized.
Please update Linux kernel of Volumio for Project.
Standard Volumio knows about dsd capabilities of those dacs.

Thank you

The kernel will be updated in the next (currently beta) version of Volumio … Volumio 3.

Thank you, do you have a timeline ?

At least, can you patch the actual kernel of streambox ? nuprime Dac-10 is not recognized as native dsd supported. In the source code of linux kernel, the vendor id is not correct. It hasn’t been fixed even in the latest kernel of linux. The correct vendor id is 0x16d0, 0x06b2 instead of 0x16b0, 0x06b2.

If Project doesn’t want to pay for maintenance, I can make a small donation.

Thank you

I think there is a misunderstanding.
This community forum does not support OEM products as normal community members (like us) have no idea what has been customized for a particular OEM product.
Your issue needs to be addressed by Pro-ject support, either through your dealer or the Pro-ject contact page.

In case there is no reply, you can try asking for advice at “info(at)volumio(dot)org” (though I’m not not sure how helpful that would be).

Thank you, project support in non existent.

Agree, they haven’t understood loosing customers that way. I have my own experience with their Pre-Box S2 Digital DAC. Pity, very good product for what I use it for now, but as you said, support is non-existent and makes you doubt whether ever to buy from them again.
Did you try their contact form? You never know…

Our of curiosity, is the underlying hardware raspberry pi based?

CM3+ On custom Board

Yes, on multiple ways.

RPi based CM3 module according to the devloper himself in this thread on Avforums, there even a link to a picture of the board itself.

The reason that this Kernel has not been updated is because it has been optimized to work as good as possible with USB DACs. Newer versions did not work well enough. So it’s not easy to update it adding new quirks for DSD DACs.

I would suggest to use DoP when using Stream Box S2 Ultra.

Let me also say, that Pro-Ject is very supportive with us and with their customers, from our experience.

Nuprime Dac-10 is not recognized as native dsd supported. In the source code of linux kernel, the vendor id is not correct. The correct vendor id is 0x16d0, 0x06b2 instead of 0x16b0, o0x06b2.

Every attempt of communication with Project failed (direct and indirect).
I have 2 devices, one is running now Ropieee because they fix the mistake in 24 hours.
Also standard Volumio is not supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
As hardware is very good, but is a big pain to implement such easy fix.

Have they released this optimised kernel code? Then technically inclined users such as @Bdorin can attempt to patch things up…

yep, I tried to contact them because of the intermittent drop of mqa stream with the Pre-Box S2 Digital, got no reaction, ever… And when you google a little, you will see this issue is known and will never be fixed.

the fix is in a very easy spot with no risk at all. Whatever optimization for USB they did, they are very unlikely to be in the quirks.c module where dsd capability is being checked. The Nuprime issue can be fixed and any missing vendor/product id added without touching anything else.

We did that optimization… Code is on github (the patches) here

It is to be noted that this kernel version is the only one which performed well in conjunction with cm3 USB bus.

We did test newer kernels but we ended up having issues with some USB devices

Thank you, but must be pushed on Project Volumio OEM.

It is contained in last update ?