Problems with the network connections

Hello all!
First time user with PiFi Berry DAC running on Pi 3 B.

On the initial boot up with the Pi connected via the LAN-cable to the router i was not able to find the Volumio interface neither by volumio.local nor by direct IP address from my PC browser.
Then i tried accessing the Volumio’s wi-fi hotspot via my phone and it worked. Setup went fine, network settings showed both wifi and cable connections active and ОК.

At this point Volumio interface worked on my phone, but not on the PC. Then i decided to unplug the LAN-cable and try the wireless networking… and It all went down. No access via PC, no access via the phone. Plugged the cable back, tried rebooting - no connection at all from any device.

How do i fix this and if i plan to use Volumio mostly via Wi-Fi, should i plug the LAN-cable at all?
Any alternative ways to connect to Volumio via PC I’m running Win 7, 64-bit and Chrome browser. How do i troubleshoot this?

Following this, as it’s quite similar to a problem I have been having: can’t access volumio.local via my laptop browser & connecting via wifi. I can still access via my phone, but am leery - what if that interface also drops out -. Did you find a solution, get connected?

For me the same problems…

“volumio.local” does not always work, it depends on your own network situation (i.e. is Apple bonjour installed).
Does not work in my environment either, you will need to find the ip of your device.
Then use “http://your.own.ip.address