Problems with Spotify and Schiit DAC

Hi, Chad from Washington State. I lhave a 3+ pI for streaming, a Just Boom digi hat and a schiit DAC. I’ve had trouble connectincg Spotify to Volumio when I moved. It worked super duper for over a year then went to shit. It is on wifi, always has been. I could use some suggestions to fix it.


First thing I tried. It works as a web player for web radio just fine, it just won’t connect to Spotify. Forgot to mention that.

Double check login credentials for Spotify premium account.

Also check the spotify plug in (family if needed) and update volumio.

All plug-ins and apps are new. I think Spotify and Volumio are not on the same “channel” or something along those lines. I got to fuck around with it until it works. It’s above my pay grade. I’m just an old punk rocker that misses his music. Thank all of you for your help.

Would you share the system log please?

I got pissed and now im trying to connect Tital. Help with that would be nice, I reading stuff on the web and its all over

How can help be provided if you don’t give specific information on how your system is running? Please provide a link to your system log.

I hate to say this but whats a system log? Sorry never had to “use” that. The first time I did this it just worked.

Four posts back (ashthespy) there is a link to how to send a system log. Just to be sure, I’ll repeat it.

Would you share the system log please?

Have you tried to disconnect spotify Plug-ins?

And reconnect them? I mean BOTH Plug-ins at the same time.

Last you could reset your Volumio.