Problems with search results and Tidal connection

volumio primo wilth 1 GB Lan
system version 2.864

there are still problems with the search results on tidal. Especially when searching bands that published a lot of albums. For example Rolling Stones or Tangerine Dreams. The search results under the categorie albums are very incomplete. A lot of compilations and live albums are shown but not the regular albums e.g. Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet or Tangerine Dreams - Zeit. This is very frustrating. It would be better if there were separate categories for live albums and compilations (as with Tidal). Another Problem is the Tidal connection (since the new implementation). It is occasionally interrupted or slow. Or i can’t login to Tidal.

Andreas got the same problem with Tidal search in Volumio…

use Rasp 3b+ with Hifi berry pro+ hat
Volumio 3.233