Problems with playlist, library and playback-view

Good morning,

I’m using raspberry pi 2 and a hifiberry dac+.

What I want is to stream music from a synology-nas.

First run was fine, except the library shows all tracks from the dlna-server (the synology) three or four times.

After a reboot nearly nothing worked at all.

The library only shows “loading” but nothing happens, however while looking into the mda-logs, the audio-files seem to be get.

Is the dlna-straming-thingy not that good at all and should I prefer to play from nas-mounts?

Internetradio from volumio could be played and I am also able to push the music from the dlna-server to volumio, but there ist nothing shown in the playlist and the playback-view does not show anything either.

ok, after kicking of all the dlna-stuff, some reboots and using cifs-mounts instead, everything is fine.
I think I’ll keep it like that