Problems with media servers with folders containing more than 23 items


External DLNA Media Server with folders containing more than 23 items

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.179
Hardware: RPi4
DAC: Schiit Modius

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open a media server that has a folder containing more than 23 items
  2. Try to find the other items.

Removed comments as indeed this is not an official release.

I noticed that people are starting to report issues on unreleased versions like Volumio version 3.182.
3.182 was never released to the public!
Please remember, with test mode set to 1, you accept updating to all kind of beta’s or buggy alpha’s.
These versions are unpublished for a reason and there is no guarantee the Volumio team can or will support them.
Please report on released versions only, unless a developer explicitly asks for feedback.
The latest official release is 3.179!

I do not have test mode set to 1(nor have I ever set it to that) and I got this version when I simply looked for updates. Maybe there was a misconfiguration on that release?

that is strange, we are supposed to have 3.179 and whenever I look for updates, it says I’m on the latest (which is correct).
Did you flash that version from a download link you got from somewhere?
Otherwise, check your “http://<your-ip>/dev” page and make sure test mode is off (sorry I mentioned “1”, I meant “on”)

I upgraded from a version 2 image that I had downloaded a few months ago. It was a fresh install and, as I always do, I checked for a new version after it was running and the auto update got me the version that I’m on.

It says I’m on the latest version as well.