Problems with automount and sharing with samba

Hello everyone!
I just finished to install volumio on my rpi and now i want use it, but actually i don’t see my usb disk on /mnt/USB (the disk works and is connected through and usb hub), is formatted in exfat and in one folder inside i have all my music.
I wish that volumio can “see” only the music folder anyway… :laughing:

If i try to do

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/USB exfat 0 0 default

It doesn’t works :confused:



What does lsusb command return ?
Are you sure your drive is powered correctly ? I mean that by default the max current output of the USB port is limited.
With a RPI B+ or RPI2 you can add in /boot/config.txt

max_usb_current=1 .

Yes, is connected to a hub with power supply.
Not i have installed exfat-utils and it works.

Now i wish to know to play only one folder inside the HD and share the full drive with samba… :ugeek: