Problems with adding or changing Webradio stations.

Hello everybody,

First of all, in general I like Volumio a lot.
But I have some smaller problems with it.
The first is: adding new stations or changing the webradio stations. I read about the procedure of changing the .pls or m3u files on the volumio network share. If I change the url in such a file, this indeed seems to work: I can listen to the new, desired station. But if then I change the file name in order to make it appear in the list with it’s right name, for some reason Volumio starts to treat it as an invalid file: it continues to show the old name, but when you try to play it, it does’t work anymore (allthough it did work before, with the new url, but without changing the filename).
No, I did not forget to rebuild the list after I changed things, but this does not seem to change anything.
Also when I make a completely new file by saving an existing one with a new filename, the new one never shows up in the list.
Am I missing something? Volumio beta 1.1 on Raspberry B.

Beste regards, Maxx