problems with actual volumio (version: 2.129) on odroid c2


I have found 2 problems with the actual version on the odroid c2:

  1. When I start volumio on the odroid with an existing queue but the samba share for this queue is offline, I got the an error message “Error failed to decode…” which is ok!
    But when I start the samba share now, I still got this message, which is not ok.
    The only way to play the queue is to restart the odroid c2 again.
  2. The “Clear and play” submenue is not working.

This needs to be investigated, I think we need a reconnect.
Did you try opening the “my music” menu and click the edit button and save without changes?

This should work with the next release (coming soon)

When I open “my music” menu, I can see, that the samba share is not mounted (when I first start the odroid c2 an than the samba share).
After click on the edit button and save without changes the share is mounted and I can play the queue!

Would be nice if the samba share is mouted, when I start playing the queue!
I think this was working in older versions.


No, I don’t think this was ever working that way, would be nice though.
Could you please open an issue on in under “Issues”?