Problems Installing Volumio 2 on my intel NUC (newbee)

I am installing Volumio 2 and I got stuck in the instructions.
The img file that I need to copy to the NUC (using dd command) is not showing.
– volumiobuster-2.775-2020-05-07-x86
I got to the step that Voumio started from the USB. I started the terminal session.

sudo blkid

/dev/loop0: TYPE=" squashfs"
/dev/sda1: LABEL=" ROONBOOT" UUID=....  TYPE-" ext4" ...
/dev/sda2: LABEL=" ROONBOOT" UUID=....  TYPE-" ext4" ...
/dev/sda3: LABEL=" ROONBOOT" UUID=....  TYPE-" ext4" ...
/dev/sdb1: LABEL_FATBOOT =" volumioboot" LABEL=" volumioboot"  UUID=....  TYPE-" vfat" ...
/dev/sdb2: LABEL=" volumioimg"  UUID=....  TYPE-" ext4" ...
/dev/sdb3: LABEL=" volumio_data"  UUID=....  TYPE-" ext4" ...

mkdir usb
sudo mount /dev/sdb1 usb
cd usb
ls -l

    3932800 vmliuz-4.19.106+
     192960 config-4.19.106+
       60416 ldlinux.sys
dir              efi
35061668  volumio.initrd

NOW the following command should be the “sudo dd” see below. But where is my IMG file ???

sudo dd if=fullnameofthevolumioimage of=/dev/sdY bs=4M

Why on earth are you installing a one and a half year old pre-buster image, that was only a test version to prepare the x86 port to Volumio 3?

Just download the official zip file (3.175 I think), unzip it and “dd” to a usb stick. Meanwhile for x86, Volumio has an InstallToDisk option in the system menu.

I have already spent a lot of time on trying to install Volumio 3. I got stuck on this problem: findfs: unable to resolve 'UUID=
I read many sites but did not find a solution (that i understood).

So I thought to take a shortcut here by installing an older version that was suggested somewere. Well it took me further, but not all the way :frowning:

But now i find that this forum is very responsive, i will redo my Volumio 3 trial again and create a new topic here.

Please post in the “x86 Hardware issues” topic in the help section, we’ll support from there. I have not seen a NUC yet, that did not boot.

ok, thanks