Problems installing spotify plugins


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, so volumio is doing well :slight_smile:

I’ve hit a problem where I had to reinstall volumio.

I’ve taken the latest version (or was a week or two ago) and I’ve just tried the update button and I’m told I’m up to date.

I’ve tried to install the spotify plug ins via the GUI, and followed the post about SSH and even tried to install volspotconnect and every time I’m getting a plug in error:

Compressing the plugin
Plugin succesfully compressed
Progress: 10
Status :Downloading plugin
Progress: 30
Status :Creating folder on disk
Progress: 40
Status :Unpacking plugin
Progress: 50
Status :Checking for duplicate plugin
Progress: 60
Status :Copying Plugin into location
Progress: 70
Status :Installing dependencies
Progress: 0
Status :The following error occurred when installing the plugin: Error

Any ideas as to what has happened?


Ahh I got it.

I had changed the default password for security.