Problems Installing Last.Fm plugin (Hangs at "Creating Install Location")

I’m having troubles installing the scrobbler plugin. I know that it’s not officially listed as compatible with Volumio 3, but my understanding is that it’s likely to work if I can get it installed. After I unzip the file into a temporary directory and run npm i (which seems to run with some vulnerabilities), I run good old volumio plugin install. I had to manually create a few directories and update permissions, but the script gets a bit farther each time. The script seems to run, but then hangs at “Creating Install Location”, with no error message at all. Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot this one (the lack of feedback makes it tough for me).


Can you be a little bit more specific on the commands that you’ve used? Typically people try to clone the repo, but the repo contains a zipfile, which will definitely cause problems if not deleted first. Also doing stuff by hand is very error prone tbh, even I don’t do it (I’m lazy, and I use my own helper scripts :wink:).

Else, if you’ve downloaded the zipfile and unzipped, you should sitll first delete the zipfile (just to make sure it won’t cause problems when compressing the plugin).

There’s no need whatsoever to create directories or edit permissions.

What you need to do:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin (make sure there’s no lingering zipfile), or clone and remove the zip
  2. Run npm i (which should take care of installing the dependencies) from the plugin directory
  3. Run volumio plugin install from the plugin directory

I’ll give it a try tonight, but I suspect my problem was cloning the repo instead of just downloading the zip file.

I finally got everything working. The issue was downloading the whole repo. Once I got just the correct .zip file and deleted the extra folders I’d created, everything worked correctly. Thanks for the help.