Problems: creating library from USB drive

Hi, so far my experience with Volumio has been surprisingly positive, I love how everything just kind of worked instantly…

However: my music library is on a external USB HDD (1TB) and is currently around 130gb in size. When I first set up volumio about a week ago the library was created with no problems. I’ve since added around 30gb of music, and now I’m facing these problems with the library. I am running 2.413 and I have done several factory resets.

All my music is standard .mp3 (in 320kpbs), my folders contain nothing but .mp3s and album covers in .jpg or .png. Album covers are also embedded in the file. All my music plays perfectly on any other player.

Random amount of music gets added to the library. Reading might stop anywhere, and seems like it’s skipping files (full albums or artists, not single songs) in between. I might see all albums by A, B, only a few by C, then again all from E.

Library>Albums is in weird order in places. Currently it starts with Unknown, Swans, Beach House, then properly from A, B, C… Some of these are also the files I have most recently added to my HDD.

Some albums do not have album art, although I’m pretty sure is embedded and in the folder (as .jpg or .png, medium file size).

And last but not least, can I change Library -> Albums order somehow? I’d like it to be Album artist-Year-Album.

Thanks :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Okay so Volumio actually reads $RECYCLE.BIN… I’ll do some tests with this “feature”…

Lol, that’s really quite funny, if a little annoying for you. Volumio is obviously too keen to sniff out all your music :slight_smile: If you have time, would you mind raising an issue on Github so that the bug(?) can be tracked.

Okay, so weird album order happened because I had those files in the recycle bin. For some reason these files are read and added to the beginning of albums.