Problème instalation sur sd

Bonjour à tous.

Je viens vers vous car plus moyen de réinstaller volumio sur ma carte SD.
J’ai essayé avec deux logiciels et 3 pc et rien ne marche.
A chaque fois il me crée 3 partitions sur ma carte avec une toute petite ou il y a volumio et deux plus grande non formaté.
Quand je mets ma carte dans le Raspberry rien ne fonctionne, que du texte.
Quelqu’un a une idée du problème ?
Merci d’avance pour votre aide


I come to you car more way to reinstall volumio on my SD card.
I tried with two software and 3 pc and nothing works.
Each time he creates 3 partitions on my card with a very small one or there is volumio and two larger unformatted.
When I put my card in the raspberry nothing works, only text.
Anyone have an idea of ​​the problem?
thank you in advance for your help

Voilà une photo

Le l’écran du Raspberry

English will most likely give you more answers, me for example don’t know any french.

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thank you for your reply
I added a part in English.

Windows is not able to mount partitions created while writing the image. don’t worry about that.
Put it on your raspberry and wait… It will resize a partition on first boot, it may take some time.
Then, wait until the boot end (login and password asked). By default, there is no user interface on the RPI. You access it through the network from an other device. If you want a local display, you have to install the plugin ‘touch display’.

thank you for your reply
Yes I had it on my SD card but there was a problem with this card.
I have an official 7 inch screen

only text? - this is why volumio is headless…
Make fresh image on sd with win32 diskimager (pc) and power on the rpi with sd card.
then find your volumio device in your network (LAN) by typing volumio.local in your browser or see a volumio WLAN (password: volumio2).
your 7" display can be enabled in GUI with a plugin.
hope that helps.

thank you for your reply
I did as you said, but nothing works.
This is the Raspberry screen

A fresh volumio sd should always work, so if your RPI is fine, try
another SD card and another PSU. good luck!