Problem writing 2.692 image to SDCard

Hi, I have tried writing the image using both etcher and dd
dd if=volumio-2.692-2019-12-19-pi.img of=/dev/sdf bs=4M;sync;sync
or with etcher I just get an error message saying that it could not write the image.

I have also tried using the windows version og etcher resulting on stuck on preparing or something like that.

If I use DD I get two partitions boot and volumeio, but if I try to mount them I get an error and if I boot the rasberry on that image it fails mounting. Any suggestions? Any possibility for downloading an older image?

Oh and running the noobs image on that particular SDCard works fineā€¦

Thanks in advance.

(Re)formatting your SD-card might fix the problem. On Windows/Mac you could try the free SD Memory Card Formatter

To download older Volumio images read this thread: