Problem with web radio

I have a Raspberry Pi B and I installed the 2.141 volume on the SD card

For the moment I have not connected DAC

I managed to explain in my previous post to access the web interface and also to listen to the music loaded on the USB.

What I can not do is upload web radio.

I’ve read all the guides I found in the forum but none works.

What I can not understand is that I do not find the WEBRADIO folder from its rows of combo and through it explores resources.

I tried uploading some URLs mentioned in the various forum guides through the web interface but they did not work.

Could you give me a URL that will definitely use it so you can try it out?

If it is possible the URL of Radio Deejay that is what I’m most interested in.

Hi Jasca

I don’t know if this is the right channel, but this works for me

The URL you wrote to me is “radiodj” of croatia.
And anyway I do not work,
I was looking for an Italian “radiodj”

I think I found it: … aster.m3u8

But this does not even seem to go.

Works fine here when added to ‘My Web Radios.’

Maybe the problem is mine then

The raspberry is not in the net but it is coollegged with a cross cable to my pc

Hello JascaBianco!
If your PC doesn’t have the IP routing enabled (or if you don’t understand what I’m talking about) then, probably, this is the problem.
Please, try connecting you RPi directly to your router.

At the moment I can not because I’m not home

In a few days I come back and let you know …