Problem with Volumio iOS app

I have Volumio Primo 1 with Premium Lifetime software plan.
I control my Volumio Primo using MacBook Pro and iPhone 11.
While using website control from MacBook is almost perfect and works fine, using Volumio iOS app on my iPhone 11 is a disaster. What’s the problem with this app?
There are neverending crashes, pauses, white or black screen when nothing happens and I have to restart my iPhone or remove and install again Volumio app, but this helps for only few minuttes and problem with freezing, non-responding app is back. I think about upgrade to Volumio Rivo, but this horribile iOS app make me very uncertain in this plan. Are there many users with such a problem? What to do with it?

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I also had these experiences with the iOS app. You described it exactly like that.
The WebGUI and Android app work very well!

Same here.
Never ending loading screens after bringing the app from the background or unlocking the screen

I have same issue, I am getting completely fed up with this app rebooting constantly

Hi there, I have the same problem with iOS App. Did you get support from Volumio?

Thanks in advance for sharing


I have an iPhone 15 with the latest version of iOS available (17.3.1), for me the application works completely normally and is more responsive than access via a web browser which remains available to you if the application does not satisfy you.

Check that Volumio, as well as the app and iOS are up to date…

I described it incorrectly, sorry!
Maybe it makes a difference
I use an iPad (Gen. 6) with the latest iPadOS and sometimes have problems like this.

It has nothing with “up to date”. I have iPhone 11 also with latest iOS 17.3.1 and Volumio app works bad, very bad, neverending brakes, crashes and non-responding. And it was exactly the same when there was earlier iOS versions on my iPhone. But Volumio via Safari om MacBook Pro works fine.

I got an answer form Volumio, but not support. I got a very kindly e-mail with explanation that they are familiar with the problem and they work on it. They kindly ask me to be patient. I would like to upgrade to Rivo, but now I decided to wait for 3-4 months. If nothing happens I go to other brands (Lumin, Innuos, Audiolab??)

Hi All, Thanks for your feedback. I reseted the Primo completely and it seems to work properly but lost all my settings :-/ … Will let you know in the case that the same problems will occur again. Did you tried it out already?

Best regards