Problem with two albums that have the same title

Don’t know if this is the right topic, but I take a chance :slight_smile:

I have two albums from different artists with the same title. The albums are called “Winter In Paradise”. The artists are Last Autumn’s Dream and Sweet Mary Jane. They are now bundled together as one album. Is there a way to separate the albums? I have used Tag&Rename to get album art and the right tags. But still Volumio sees this as one and the same album.

Do you have the “Album Artist” field filled in the tags?

Yes I have on both.

Yes, I confirm there’s something wrong (V. 2.118 here). I also have a few same-name album by different artists, with the “album artist” filled in. They appear as separate albums in the album list:


but when I click on any of them I get all the tracks together:


Yeah you have the same issue as me. Not a big deal but a bit frustrating. Maybe a fix will come in future releases? I hope so.