Problem with plugin GPIO CONTROL

Volumio Version: v3;251
Hardware: RPI3B+

i don’t find a post where this topic is discussed,
i just want to help the community, i use VOLUMIO 3.251free since one’s week with an account my volumio, i used VOLUMIO 2.907 free before.
I encountered 2 problems:
the first: when the RPI restart for example after a power interrution
the appearance return systematicely at MANIFEST, even if one selected one of the other appearances before as CONTEMPORARY.

the second:in the plugin GPIO CONTROL 1.0.1
in the setting of MUSIC PLAY EVENT
i choose the GPIO pin: 23
i select GPIO stte: ON
i select DELAY: No delay
i select delay unti: miliseconds
i select DURATION: 10
i select DURATION UNIT: hours
for the other setting i use like MUSIC PAUSE EVENT and MUSIC STOP EVENT
the setting:
i choose the GPIO pin: 23
i select GPIO stte: OFF
i select DELAY: 10
i select delay unti: seconds
i select DURATION: 0
i select DURATION UNIT: miliseconds
the trouble is the MUSIC PLAY EVENT work only ten seconds after restart, after a power interruption, to solve that trouble i gon in the plugin setting, I deactivate the plugin, I reactivate the plugin, after that it work normaly.
I noticed too, even though I just re-enabled this plugin, the ALARM do the sime thing to know the MUSIC PLAY EVENT work only ten seconds.
kinds regards

Hi Thierry,

I am a few days new to Volumio, so my assessment may not be 100%. =)

About your second issue:

I’ve been playing with the GPIO Control plugin to power my amp on/off as needed for when music is being played or not. I use a 5v relay for this. When the PLAY event occurs, the amp turns on. When the STOP or PAUSE events occur, the amp turns off (I added a 5 second delay for PAUSE and STOP events).

I noticed when I manually skip songs, the following Volumio events are processed in this order: STOP, PLAY. Keep in mind that one event type will not cancel another event type in the case of a delay being used. With that in mind, what happens is that the STOP event handler is put into motion with a delay of 10 seconds, and the PLAY event is processed immediately and the music plays. Then, after 10 seconds, the STOP event delay is up and finally handled, thus stopping the music. =(

The above scenario also happens if I pause a song and then play again before the 10 second delay is up - the music is stopped because the delayed PAUSE event handler kicks in.

It sounds like you are experiencing the same or similar issue due to your 10 second delay. I am not sure why it matters if you had a power interruption - seems like it would happen regardless of that. Or it’s possible that I totally misunderstood your scenario. :wink:

I have a proposed simple fix for this: Event handlers should be able to (optionally) cancel any other delayed event handler queued up. I actually have made the code change for this in a fork and it seems to work well. I plan on submitting a PR for this soon if I can figure out where to do so (I am new to the GitHub ecosystem).

UPDATE: As it turns out, the “Amplifier Switch” plugin is exactly fit-for-purpose for my scenario of power cycling an amp, and it works as one would want/expect. I didn’t notice this plugin before. I still think the option (in the GPIO Controller plugin) to be able to cancel delayed event handlers is a desirable feature.

About your first issue: I have also experienced this, but I have not looked into it. Are you saying you think it is related to this GPIO Control plugin?

With my VOLUMIO 2.907 free i used the plugin AMPLIFIER SWITCH who worked very well with the PLAY;STOP and the ALARM.
the plugin AMPLIFIER SWITCH is not made available in VOLUMIO 3 when i installed VOLUMIO 3 two week’s ago.
i go to see if the plugin AMPLIFIER SWITCH is disponible now!!
the plugin GPIO CONTROL is more complete, but some trouble are there, like the ALARM what i use ewery morning and is not work at all.
i stop my RPI before going to my work and restart it when i go home, it is like that i seen the trouble of the restart with the plugin GPIO CONTROL and the apperance. this two problem are not related in my opinion.
kinds regards