Problem with mounting NAS

I have had Volumio running in the past, but recently downloaded the latest version volumio-2.175-2017-05-16-pi. When attempting to mount a NAS drive (WD MyCloud), I get the following error message:

Error while scanning databaseError: Command failed: /usr/bin/mpc update error: No database.

It also shows "Network Drive Added successfully.

This is the 4th version of Volumio I am attempting to install, and it seems that I have had more problems with recent versions than older versions. I am not well versed in Linux.

Would you check if your NAS is actually mounted please?

mount |grep /mnt/NAS

If it is, then check that you can actually see the expected tracks in /mnt/NAS/your_share_name.

Also, what Volumio device are you using?