Problem with library database

Michelangelo, thank you very much for a wonderful project.

I would like to have a file (.db) that stores information about scaned library on NAS and USBHDD.

Hard every time scan 4TB NAS to listen to music.

The library can once be fully scanned and entered into the database, and then just added the changes, rather than scan each time the same ???

I would like to do the same. Volumio works great except that I have to scan my library every time I boot up. I am using it for my car and need to boot up multiple times a day and would like the 35K track library not perform an indexing every time. It really defeats MY purpose of using Volumio :neutral_face: . I’m almost there building my dream music setup. Please help with some direction or let me know if this will never have a solution. Thanks for Volumio. :slight_smile: