Problem when skipping radio-stations after some minutes...

Hi all,

I don’t know if anybody has experienced this problem (if so, please, let me know where I can find the posted solution, thanks!).

When I click on any Internet radio station (on saved queque list) at the beginning, it plays with no problem.
Actually, if I skip to another one very fast (let’s say, 5-10 seconds after playing the first selected radiostation), it changes/skips from one to another with no problems.
However, if, after listening one radiostation for some minutes, I try to skip to another… the green tag (on right upper) corner indicates that it is playing the new selected one, but… it doesn’t sound at all. In fact it is not indicated in the main Volumio “Playback” screen (which keeps showing the previous station as it was fixed there): to update to the new selected station, I have to click on “webradio” (round indicator opposite to “volume” on Playback main screen) and then, yes, the name of the station is showed… but again, no sound at all.
The only way to get/skip to the a new radio-station is
a) To “reboot” the unit or…
b) I click on all “Playback options” menu (saving again all previously selected options): then, after a few seconds, I click on “Play” and yes! : the latest selected station starts to sound with no problems.

Another “clue” that may help to locate where the problem is: this never happens with Spotify queque list as I can skip from one to another whenever and as many times as I want…

My present system consists
Volumio2 (V 2.246).
Raspberry2 & HifiberryAmp. (but it happens to me with another DAC-board like X400)

Thank you in advance for any help!