Problem to play some songs


I store my songs from nas synology.

On volumio if I want to play an album, I use the big play arrow on the top of the screen in the album’s folder and it works.

But If i am in a folder with some subfolder and want to play the songs in the master folder, volumio don’t want to play it or enqueue it.

Sample of folder structure :


In this case i can’t play or enqueue song 1 2 3 but if i open subfolder 1 2 3 , i can play the song inside

If you have an Idea…

best regards

Click the three dots at the right side of the folder/album listing;
either Clear and play, or Add to queue.


thank you for your answer but Clear and play, or Add to queue don’t work too.

Hey, I have a similar problem. When you talked about sub folders, I thought I had the same problem as you (you say volumio won;t play the song? Well, mine plays, but it’s just static). So I moved the file around to higher (more shallow) folders, no avail. I tried re-coding the file back-and-forth between formats, no avail. Frankly, I’m at a loss, and want to downgrade to a previous version, because this problem is new since the last update (18-3-2020, I believe).
If you find a solution, please leave it here?


I have made a video.

First, You can see that the play, Clear and play, or Add to queue don’t work on the 3 dots.

Last I open a folder and play with the Big play button and it works

the video :

best regards

Unfortunately, your video does not show the mouse-cursor so it’s hard to see what you’re doing.
However I have found that the deeper level of directory is not the whole cause of the problem, but it might be the start of it.
I’m going to downgrade and see if the problem persists (if only I could find where the older versions are to found, that is).
I am on Rpi/Kali/Piano 2.1 with volt added but not in use at the moment.
BTW I have also found that with the Sparky (which came with my VANA-Player) the bass-RCA connector on the Piano does not adjust it’s volume when adjusting the volume on the UI. I had to use an RPi (also version 2.729) to get this functionality back.

So far, my experience with version 2.729 has been less than stellar, and I woe the day that I deleted my old images.

(edit: version numbers are hard)

I also have a synology NAS at home, and I understand the reason why it does not work. This is because Synology DLNA server does not provide some standard DLNA metadata under some occasions, and therefore we don’t have the necessary piece of information to play specific tracks. I’ve worked so much on it and could not solve this issue.

What I suggest is that you mount your server using SMB\CIFS. Your browsing experience will be faster and error-free

Update: I have found the cause and solution, of my problem at least, which is different from OP’s problem. I am sorry to have hijacked this thread, but I ended up on this thread after a google search for my problem, and it did sound similar in the beginning.

Apparently, since a kernel update sometime in 2018, the RPi can no longer play 24bit.
The solution (to MY problem at least), is to switch on “Audio Resampling” (located at the bottom of the ‘setting -> playback options’ menu).
Target bit depth should be set to maximum (which is 32bit). I kept the sample-rate at "native’)
This solved all my problems. I am assuming that the Sparky does not have this problem, but I’m going to disassemble my Vana-player for that.

I still hope the RCA-bass-port not adjusting will be fixed in the next update: I kinda like the Sparky.


Thank you for your answer.

It works with your suggestion.

I hope that message can help someone to play all his songs.

Best regards

I had the same problem, and found the solution. its the filename, i use this naming scheme:
$num(%track%,2) - %title%.flac

mostly this works, but when it doesn’t, i rename file to:
%artist% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%.flac
then rescan library and it works.

i have no idea why this fixes the problem as it makes no sense. i don’t think the voluumo team uses testers as volumio has so many obvious and frustrating bugs, i run into them daily. I’d switch to picoreplayer if it had a better ui. good luck