Problem to login with Volumio on PC X86 64 bits


First sorry for my english, because i’m french.

I have tried many times to install Volumio on a Latop (Toshiba Satellite L670 or Helwett-Packard, both running in 64 bits), each times Volumio boot but impossible to connect to the interface on another Computer.

“The web site is innacessible”

So i have installed Daphile, and with Daphile all is ok.

I try to find the source of the problem.

I have install Volumio on a USB key (SanDisk and Transcend) and i ask mysel if i have to install Volumio on micro SD Card ?

Which version did you install?

This version :

This is the last version baut i have the same result with older version of volumio.

I used to flash “Rufus” and “Etcher” with the same result.

Try this pre-buster release: volumiobuster-2.857-2020-12-11.
This is a nearly complete Volumio x86 version and, due to its newer kernel and latest firmware, is able to support way more hardware than the legacy version does.